Reimagining education : a big undertaking

Re-imagining education: this is what we wanted to do when we created Skillogs.

Of course, let us be clear from the start, we are talking about reimagining education with digital tools, that is our skill, knowing that many actors are reflecting on it and reshaping it in many other formats.

2017: fresh off the Paris Commercial Court registry, for the creation of Skillogs, we learn the news: we won, jointly with ORT France, the Silver Award for the digital solution for teachers and students during Reimagine Education. We are so proud ! The R&D carried out over the past year has already been rewarded. ACARYA, our platform is awarded a silver medal in the wake of its V1 launch.

Remember that its nomination is precious and highly coveted in the “e-learning” category for this year. Following the launch of our language module, and 6 weeks before the presentation of our “adaptive” Virtual Reality training module at CES Las Vegas, it is very timely!


The need for “foreign language” training is spectacular, both in our country and abroad. The above graphic shows the average learning time of European and Arabic languages for an English-speaking person.

Our way of re-imagining education is through adaptive digital pedagogy: our challenge is to halve the time spent learning languages, for French, Spanish and German (Objective: 12-15 weeks). English is already available.

ACARYA allows you to learn a language through the interactive manipulation of videos.

Find below the presentation of our English course….