Acarya addresses the skills gap observed at European level: by following each employee throughout their career, our platform certifies their skills from formal, non-formal and informal training. It boosts the effectiveness of training actions in the workplace (AFEST).

Training and career management tools allow you to calmly consider the role of each person in a company

Workplace Learning (WLL)

or each training, Acarya allows the acquisition and optimized recognition of know-how. Each HR & Training manager has a perfect command of each employee’s skills matrix, and can enable them to evolve effectively. Training policies and job changes are anticipated. Acarya is a winning solution for employees and the company.

Forward-looking management of jobs and skills

Job and skills planning management (JSMP) is a method of adapting jobs, staff and skills to the requirements of business strategy and changes in their economic, technological, social and legal environments.

Acarya supports companies in this forward-looking human resources management approach, which makes it possible to support change.
Acarya manages the evaluation of everyone’s Soft & Hard Skills, and understands employment and skills issues to reduce recruitment difficulties, optimize training, develop employee qualification, enhance individual skills, anticipate the adaptation of skills to jobs and improve career management.