Young Entrepreneur Award

France is full of young talents who all over the country have an exceptional entrepreneurial dynamism. It is these talents that La Tribune has been promoting since 2013 with the Young Entrepreneur Award, 1000 startups to change the world. A competition that, from region to region, reveals the most innovative start-ups.

European Imaile Funds

In 2016, Skillogs was associated with the Adminotech and Finpeda consortium to develop Personalized Learning Environments for primary and secondary school students in STEM subjects. Budget: 400,000 euros.

Wharton University

Skillogs, in collaboration with the ORT France Training Center, won the Silver Award for Digital Tools for Learning and Training in December 2016 in Pennsylvania. Acarya was rewarded for its ease of use for both teachers and students.

IBM Partnerworld

Skillogs has been an IBM global partner since May 2017 and will join IBM’s Scale Zone in 2018 to accelerate its technical development and develop the scale-up of Skillogs (Tests on 2,500,000 learners).