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For the CFAs

The new Professional Training

Vocational training is evolving: The school-work model integrates the ACARYA application. Connected to a computer, a tablet, a smartphone, the learner follows his personalized curriculum at his own pace. Professional training rhymes with business experience. CFAs know this well and Acarya harmonizes school-work-home relations by offering complete digital tools to give apprentices all the keys to a proactive curriculum that is responsive to the company’s needs.

At home, in transport, at work with your tutor….

CFAs and digitisation

As Olivier Gauvin, Director of Training Services at OPCA “Opcalia”, says, the entire economy is impacted by digital transformation, the Apprenticeship Training Centres and Units have a key role to play in working on tomorrow’s skills and enabling apprentices to master digital tools in their activity.

Digital transformation is a real challenge, particularly in terms of the estimated budget for apprentice flows: it makes it possible to support the significant arrival of new apprentices, as requested by the government, or even to envisage an economy of scale in the long term while welcoming more apprentices. Digital transformation is a response to the expectations of funders and educational authorities.

Acarya supports CFAs in their digitisation processes by: