Language Learning with AI

Learn languages with Acarya!

For Skillogs, the development of skills is essential. Whatever the type of skill, it is essential for us not to limit ourselves to one sector. This is why we have already completed training modules in computer coding, or in culinary arts for example.

In a globalized society, the language barrier is a major barrier, which is why language learning is essential today.

Nevertheless, in language learning programmes, there are often boring repetitions, unattractive lessons, with little interaction with the student.

Skillogs offers ACARYA, the Web application based on artificial intelligence algorithms, which allows you to speak a foreign language fluently in less than 6 months, by watching and interacting with your favorite series! The training programme is fully personalised.

We promote a fluent command of the language in our method. In our opinion, it is not relevant to inject a lot of vocabulary into a student if he has difficulties in his sentence construction and dialogues; the most important thing is above all to be able to have a fluid and natural conversation to facilitate the exchange in a foreign language.

The use of series, films and documentaries allows for a diversity in listening comprehension. In classical lessons, dialogue recordings are often made with a sustained accent, more rarely used in everyday life.

An accent from the North of the United Kingdom and a Texan accent, for example, have nothing to do with it. In the films these differences may emerge, and these varied pronunciations give the learner a greater arsenal of understanding.

Having the support of another person substantially improves learning. It is an excellent way to practice the skills with each other. ACARYA’s algorithms create peers of learners per level to collaborate together in the short term.

The Acarya method:

The student chooses the video, series, film or documentary he/she wishes to watch, available in the language (Audio+Subtitles) of his/her choice.

The learner learns on a dynamic rhythm of speech, and on a modern way of expression.

The user first listens to the rhythm of the language, with a subtitle in his mother tongue. Little by little, he follows the episode with the subtitles of the language he learns, and begins to build bridges. It’s time to answer the lines by himself.

The user evolves in the series, and the language becomes more and more natural for him. Learning Analytics’ algorithms allow it to progress at its own pace, and to accelerate progress if everything is going well, or, on the contrary, to slow down to consolidate the foundations, in case of difficulty.

As when we were in school, once oral language has been consolidated, the user can begin to master the rules of grammar and conjugation, which will come more naturally because of the good fluency acquired. A cognitive anchoring AI tool helps to memorize these rules

See you at the big launch of the module on October 31! Maybe on a Halloween movie?