Skillogs : Silicon Innovation Awards Laureate

At the end of a ceremony, marked by  Sea Bubbles, the French leader of new generation transport, Skillogs was awarded one of two trophies for which it was nominated  : Artificial Intelligence.

12 rewards given at the air club of France were listed on the IT information site « ».

According to the designers themselves  » The Silicon Innivation Awards celebrate technological solutions and applications which carry the keys of the evolution and transformation of companies and organizations, and in doing so, our society. »

A joint jury of 20 people selected the laureates of this first edition, vintage 2018. Those technology professionals deliberated and decided to reward the avant-garde, like Sea Bubbles, but also like Dassault Systèmes, Outscale or Limelight.

That evening was also the occasion to discover a new association , French Women CIO, which puts IT women in the spotlight, values strongly supported by Skillogs, who led the way with the French-American Chamber of  Commerce of the  Women Coding for Success program that annually initiates 20 young non tech-oriented women  to IT development.

Receiving this reward in the AI category is a consecration for the entire Skillogs team. Artificial Intelligence is one the most present 2018 topics and sparked both enthusiam and reluctance. A true  » digital learning assistant », the Skillogs’ intelligence app « ACARYA is a co-pilot for teachers and trainers, it guides them both in their practice and in their own digital transformation. That is what Silicon Innovation Awards understood, rewarding a team proud to leave with the precious  sesame.