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Vocational Training

Skillogs is committed to training 100,000 apprentices by 2020


Vocational Training is nowadays on all fronts. As a real arm against unemployment, apprenticeship offers a winning strategy for skills upgrading.

Apprenticeship training usually requires practical training and classroom instruction. Nevertheless, thanks to modern technology, it is possible to acquire real-world experience, practical knowledge and theoretical distance learning. Skillogs presents Acarya’s 4 tactical advantages for professional training:

Skillogs offers hotel and catering professionals a BTS degree in Hotel and Restaurant, options B in Culinary Art, on an alternating basis, through an innovative professional training course.

During a pilot period from spring 2018 to September 2020, around 100 apprentices will follow the BTS curriculum at a new pace:

Some partner restaurants :


Thanks in particular to the TPE Jeunes Apprentis scheme, Skillogs offers restaurateurs an apprentice in CAP Cuisine, with full payment of the salary.

A major axis of innovation in this project is the theoretical teaching of training. Personalized to the immediate needs of the company, the teaching will be provided in digital distance learning, thanks to the expertise and innovative engineering of Skillogs educational solutions.

The recruitment, carried out in partnership with Adecco, is based on the spectacular results of the proactive approach. All indicators show that learning is a key to success for young people. The dropout rate at European level remains worrying, as does the unemployment rate among people under 25.

Improving the image of vocational training, and the need to involve conservators, is vital. The proactive method, based on caring and anticipating the needs of each restaurant owner, has enabled the Ile-de-France region to drastically reduce its dropout rates from 21% to 6%.

Skillogs’ objective is to recruit 500 apprentices in CAP Cuisine, with a drop-out target of less than 5%. The school year is scheduled to start in the summer of 2018