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Teachers and Trainers

The education of tomorrow

ACARYA offers a digital platform entirely adapted to the cognitive development of both children and adults, and personalized to each learner. Acarya effectively supports educational processes and interactions between teachers and students, as well as peer learning.

ACARYA helps teachers to:

Different groups of students study independently, without interfering with each other

Involve students and adapt teaching

ACARYA allows a personalized approach for each student.

Compared to traditional teaching, where a teacher must follow a prescribed curriculum, teaching with ACARYA allows the trainer to experiment with different learning models and techniques such as blended learning, reverse class, playfulness, etc., and find the right learning style.
the most appropriate approach for each individual.

Finally, ACARYA provides access to substantial monitoring data, such as the time spent on a specific mission or exercise. With all this available data, a teacher can not only improve student performance by finding the most effective patterns, but also analyze gaps in the teaching process to maximize its effectiveness after the fact.